The Five Year Curriculum Plan gives an overview of the sequence of learning completed by students at Sir William Stanier School. The 5 Year Curriculum Plan shows the pathway to progress in the subjects that students cover at Sir William Stanier, giving students both breadth and depth of study in their respective subjects.

The curriculum plan of each faculty builds on the knowledge and skills that have been taught to students, securing the knowledge in their long-term memory. The curriculum plan also utilises the knowledge and skills necessary for students studying the subject to take advantage of opportunities to broaden their understanding, develop self-responsibility for their learning and to promote their levels of progress that will help them in later life.

The 5-year curriculum plan offers academic challenge to each student through regular assessment, increasing students’ exposure to academic achievement through regular reflection upon their academic performance.

Our 5-Year curriculum plans have been adapted to best suit the remote delivery of learning to our students, and allow all stakeholders to track the learning of our students and to plan for the long term progress of our students throughout their journey at Sir William Stanier.

5 year curriculum plans