We believe every student deserves the right to the most powerful knowledge which will take them beyond their daily experience, preparing them for colleges and university study and making them a highly competitive candidate for any career.

We believe in finding a way and never backing down on sharing the most challenging information with your child, we will never over simplify the difficult concepts. Instead we actively research the best ways to deliver, review and assess the information share with your child. Science at SWS finds a way. 

Your child will engage in a science curriculum that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK, which is driven by the latest evidence.  After three years of intense work we’ve completed our most rigorous, and challenging curriculum – providing students with knowledge beyond what they will need for GCSE. Already, our year 7 students are explaining the pluripotency of stem cells. Our Year 8 students are not only explaining the structures of DNA but the importance of decoding our own genome, engaging in debates around embryonic screening, years ahead of their peers around a dinner table, using scientific language they would never experience anywhere else, and with that comes the confidence and resilience to continue this success into GCSE. 

We achieve this through captivating quizzing that will minimise any future exam stress as we constantly review their knowledge – our students find this the best part of their lessons. Your child will be truly inspired in every lesson as they explore why they are learning the lesson content, as they observe magic and tragic repercussions of climate change, the wonders of their own genetics – truly taking them beyond the “Bunsen burner” and into building knowledge truly changing how they view the world. 

We thought such challenge may seem daunting but through the expert guidance of our teachers we support our students every step of the way. Our teachers hold years of experience teaching all three sciences, with a proven track record of excellent results, teachers developing their skills even further through accredited courses and actively researching the very best strategies to improve your child’s experience and supporting them through every step of their journey at Sir William Stanier. 

Our homework actively consolidates your child’s knowledge each week, ensuring as much information as possible is retained, through practice questions and quizzing, we minimise any future exam stress – providing every resource students need to obtain exceptional GCSE results.