Intent Statement

Sir William Stanier School is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and those who require access arrangements to support their learning. 

Our aim is to ensure that all students have equitable access to the academic and extracurricular activities of the school. We will achieve this by following best practices and implementing effective access arrangements that are tailored to individual students' needs.  

Implementation Statement

We will implement access arrangements through a structured and comprehensive approach that starts with identifying students who require additional support, including students with SEND, medical conditions, or English is their second language. 

We will use a range of assessment tools to determine the types of access arrangements required, such as extra time or the use of a computer. 
We will work closely with teachers, parents, and external agencies (where necessary) to put in place appropriate access arrangements. We will regularly review and monitor these arrangements to ensure that they are effective and appropriate to the students' needs. 

We will also provide training and support to teachers and other staff members to enable them to implement access arrangements effectively. 
Impact Statement

Our approach to access arrangements will have a positive impact on the academic and personal development of all students, particularly those who require additional support. 

Our focus on individual needs and the use of evidence-based practices will ensure that students receive the support they need to achieve their full potential. 

By promoting equity and inclusion, we will create an environment in which all students feel valued and supported, which is crucial for their social and emotional wellbeing. 

Our approach will also help to foster positive relationships between students, teachers and parents, leading to improved outcomes and increased engagement in learning. 

Overall, our approach to access arrangements will ensure that all students at Sir William Stanier School will have equal opportunities to succeed.