Join us for the Year 9 GCSE Choices Evening at Sir William Stanier School, 29th Feb, 4-6 pm.

Info sessions by Mr. Smissen at 4:15 & 5:15 pm. Discuss choices with teachers.

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Choosing the right GCSE subjects is vital for a student's future academic and career paths. It's crucial for students to understand the significance of these choices, as they lay the groundwork for further education and specialization.

Picking subjects that match their interests and goals can lead to various opportunities in higher education and careers. It's important to consider future course and career requirements, as some subjects may be necessary.

Students should explore options, seek advice from teachers, parents, and advisors, and think about their passions and abilities.

This careful consideration will help them make decisions that support their long-term ambitions, setting a strong foundation for success.

Please use the link below to access our Year 9 Guided Choices Information.

Guided Choices - Online Booklet
Course Information - Online Summary of all Subject Courses

Year 9 Guided Choices

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