Opportunity, community, and courage are fundamental elements that greatly influence attendance, leading to academic success and a more successful post-16 onward journey.

Providing students with equal opportunities is crucial in fostering their engagement and motivation to attend school regularly. When students have access to quality education, enrichment activities, and supportive resources, they are more likely to be present in the classroom, actively participating in their learning journey.

Moreover, a strong sense of community within the school environment fosters a sense of belonging and connection, creating a supportive network that encourages attendance. When students feel valued and connected to their peers, teachers, and the wider school community, they are more likely to prioritise attendance and actively contribute to their academic growth. 

Courage plays a significant role in overcoming barriers and challenges that may hinder attendance. It takes courage for students to face obstacles such as personal struggles, social pressures or academic difficulties and still show up to school.

By nurturing a culture of resilience and providing appropriate support systems, Sir William Stanier School empower students to overcome these obstacles and persist in their education, ultimately leading to improved attendance and academic success. The combination of opportunity, community, and courage creates an environment that supports attendance, enabling students to embark on a more successful post-16 onward journey, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in their future endeavours.