2021-2022 Curriculum Statement


At SWS we believe in the importance of designing a curriculum offer that meets the needs of all of our students. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that enables students to gain deep knowledge and understanding. We aim to develop students who are curious about the world they live in, have confidence to work independently and within teams, reason and debate with honesty and tolerance of other viewpoints, understand the value of kindness, take pride in appearance and presentation of work, read widely and often and understand the importance of working hard and not giving up. Our qualification offer enables students with diverse aspirations to thrive. The future scientists, engineers, writers, actors, sports performers, doctors, researchers, managers, artists, composers, teachers all have an opportunity to ‘start’ their journeys here. Our strong links with business and educational partnerships provides opportunities for students to successfully link to future employers/training providers. The Academy enrichment programme provides wider social and cultural opportunities for all our students. Our five year curriculum offer enables students to develop a deep knowledge base, allowing for personalisation that suits each individual student’s aspirations. SWS Academy values focus on developing the character and culture that will enable our students to thrive and fully contribute to the community throughout their school life and in their future careers.


At SWS  we use the first two years to deepen knowledge and understanding, closing gaps and stretching students to accelerate their progress from KS2. We provide a curriculum offer that enables students to access the full range of subjects allowing them to develop confidence, curiosity and an understanding of how they may wish to personalise their own curriculum in the future. In yr9 students begin their personalised curriculum qualification pathways. The focus of Yr9 is to develop a rich knowledge and skills base where appropriate in the qualification being studied. During this year there is further refinement of student pathways according to progress and career aspirations of students. The final two years are focused on ensuring that students are given the opportunity to become experts in their chosen qualifications, to be able to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge in formal examinations, but also to develop their wider understanding of the benefits of the knowledge and skills they are developing across their curriculum. The Academy continues to develop the character and cultural development for all students throughout each year through the RE and PSHCE/SMSCE/Careers curriculum.


The revised curriculum model is built around student choice and personalisation. Current internal data shows that students are making better progress than previously, student outcomes are set to improve significantly across subjects in 2021/22. Retention within each subject area is improved with minimal moves once pathways are finalised. The number of students keen to study Science and STEM qualifications is significantly increased. The NEET trends remain below Cheshire East and National figures (15% 2011, 0.65% in 2016-2017, 1.6% 2017-2018 current). The NEET figure represents 1 student in 2016-2017 and 2 students in 2017-2018, all of whom are now employed within their family businesses. All students who followed an alternative pathway that did not support progress 8 outcomes and significantly impacted on the overall Academy performance are in training/education. The Academy believes that this demonstrates that the curriculum intent and implementation is effective and meets the needs of our students.

If you wish to discuss our Curriculum please contact Assistant Principal: Mr Smisson on michael.smisson@sws.cheshire.sch.uk