Welcome to Sir William Stanier School.

We are a values-led school, centred on helping our children achieve to the highest standards in all aspects of their lives.

Our values of Opportunity, Community and Courage shape our everyday experience. We create and take our opportunities, we support and look after our community and we show courage in all things.

There are many strengths, specialisms and successes at Sir William Stanier School. We have a unique and very successful Year 7 Foundation curriculum that supports a seamless transition between primary and secondary school.  In our Year 7 Foundation curriculum. We get to know our children in Y6: we find their talent, know what they need and help them shape their ambition

We teach a personal development curriculum from 11-16 that helps us prepare our young people for life outside of school. Our PD curriculum is designed to shape the whole child, to extend their knowledge and experience outside of the classroom and to prepare them for future challenges

We are a leader in the teaching and development of Science. Science is our flagship subject. A research rich T+L environment that helps all our children build up skills, knowledge and understanding in the most dynamic and exciting subject

I hope you take this opportunity to become part of our school community and consider us as your first choice in secondary education.

Liam McDaid

Executive Principal