What does the Governing Body do?

  • Work with the Principal and staff to ensure the school provides the best education possible for all its students
  • Have a positive impact on teaching and learning, and on raising standards & achievement within Sir William Stanier
  • Promote the school’s values: Opportunity, Community and Courage.

As Governors we are not here to make day-to-day decisions about how the school is run, that is the responsibility of the Principal and the senior staff. Governors have three key roles during their duties. These are:

  • Supporting the school on its vision and strategic aims through agreeing plans and policies and making creative use of available resources
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance and acting as a critical friend to the Principal to support and challenge them in managing the school
  • To ensure that the school is accountable to the learners and parents it serves, to its local community, to the staff it employs and to those who fund and maintain it

How does the Governing Body work?

The Governing Body work as a team for the benefit of the school. They respect each other’s points of view but always act as a corporate body and accept the decisions reached by the majority.  A good and effective working relationship with the Principal and other staff at the school is paramount and all Governors are committed to maintaining this as an essential part of their success.

How is the Governing Body made up?

The Governing Body has representatives from various sections of the community, school and Trust. The groups from which Governors are drawn are:

  • Parents/carers
  • School staff
  • Community representatives
  • Trust appointees

This mix helps the Governing Body reflect the local community in which we help to serve. We believe that what is really important is that we work as part of a team, giving commitment to the school using the opportunity to make a difference and to put something back into the community.

Can I be a school Governor?

The Governing Body is always looking for individuals that have energy, enthusiasm, time and a real desire to help provide children with the best possible education. We believe what is really important is that the school has a good mix of people from our local community and from all walks of life, who can bring different viewpoints, experience, skills and fresh ideas.

Being a school Governor is an opportunity to put something back into your community and to make a difference. It is widely recognised that good governance has a positive impact on standards of attainment, quality of leaning & teaching and student success.

School Governors can really make a difference in helping to improve standards throughout the school.

Please contact the school if you are interested in becoming a vital member of the governing body and the community as a whole.


Sir William Stanier List of Governors 2021

Chair of Governors

Mary Massey

Vice Chair

Andrew Pearse (Parent Governor)

Appointed Governors

Joanna Young

David Jobling

Ray Cartwright

Sean Houlston

Staff (Teaching) Governor

Emma Johnson

Plus a current vacancy for an elected Parent Governor.

Meeting Dates

Declaration of Interests

LGB Meeting Minutes