Our Five-Year Curriculum Plans are broad and ambitious. They provide a comprehensive outline of the sequence of learning that students undergo at Sir William Stanier School. It highlights the subjects covered by students and the progression pathway available for each subject. This approach enables students to have both depth and breadth of knowledge in their respective subjects.

5-year Curriculum Plan - At a Glance

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Each faculty's curriculum plan builds on previously taught knowledge and skills to reinforce the learning of students. Moreover, it provides opportunities for students to broaden their understanding, develop self-responsibility for their own learning and promote progress, which can prove beneficial throughout their lives.

Regular assessment and literacy is integrated into the curriculum to provide academic challenges to each student, enabling them to monitor their performance and progress regularly.

With this, all stakeholders can monitor our students' learning progress, providing a grounding for long-term student progress planning at Sir William Stanier School.

5-year Subject Plans

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