12 October 2021

All Systems Go! 


On Monday 4th October, a group of Year 10 writers, selected by their English teachers, embarked on the awe-inspiring task of writing a novel, completely from scratch.  

This is not the first time SWS has hosted the amazing 'White Water Writers' and the wonderful Richard Seymour, who serenely guided the nervous writers to yet another amazing novel.  

Year 10 took an unconventional approach and adopted a dystopian genre, deciding on the title ‘The System’. Each layer of their dystopian society is assigned an eye colour to fit their status. The novel is a wonderful critique of how society tries to fit people into boxes – a warning for us all.  

Their brilliant novel is now available on Amazon – yes, Amazon -  and we’ve put our order in, desperate to read the full story.  

Unsurprisingly, we are delighted by the achievements of these young people; they worked beautifully together to achieve real success. It has been a privilege to watch their confidence grow. 

A massive thank you to Richard Seymour and Alison Ellis- Johnson, who worked with the group all week providing, reassurance, inspiration and most importantly tea and biscuits when needed.  

We look forward to inviting family and friends in for a press release and book signing and know this is just the start for our budding novelists.